Modern Pathology Lucknow switches to Digital Radiography (DR) X-ray system

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Modern Pathology is one of the oldest pathology labs and diagnostic centres in Lucknow. Since the inception, the USP of Modern Pathology has been the advance lab equipment to give faster and more accurate diagnostic reports with a personal touch of the expert and experienced pathology experts.

Recently, Modern Pathology Lucknow has acquired the latest X-ray machine which is much faster and accurate. The best advantage of this Digital Radiography (DR) system is that it is capable of giving a bone suppressor image within a few minutes. A bone suppressor image gives a clearer picture. For example, if a patient is required to undergo a chest x-ray to check a lung infection, the Digital Radiography (DR) system bypasses the skeletal system and shows the complete x-ray of the lungs only. The sections of lungs hidden behind the ribs are also visible to give a better picture.

Here are some examples of the quality and clarity of an x-ray film generated through the Digital Radiography (DR) system.

The processing time of X-ray film developed using the Digital Radiography (DR) system is much faster so the digital report is ready for viewing within a few seconds. Due to high speed of processing, Digital Radiography (DR) system can produce a large of images with higher quality, therefore it can handle more patients in a specified time frame. This is particularly beneficial for critically ill patients requiring quicker diagnosis and treatments.

If you are based in Lucknow and particularly in or around Gomti Nagar area, you just have to visit Modern Pathology at Vineet Khand (opposite Jaipuria school) for fast and accurate X-ray imaging.

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