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Modern Pathology and Diagnostic Centre Lucknow is a trusted name over decades when it comes to reliable Pathology and Diagnostic Services in Lucknow. What sets us apart from all others in the business is around these 3 USPs:  Accuracy, Quality, and Personal Touch.

Accuracy: We ensure that all the Diagnostic test results are accurate by ensuring due diligence in the tasks. If at all, we observe that the results aren’t accurate, we don’t hesitate in conducting the tests all over again.

Quality: To ensure high quality standards, we calibrate our diagnostic equipment properly. We also make sure that an expert supervises the technicians with the expert knowledge to identify and detect anomalies, thereafter, take corrective steps to deliver on the Quality promise.

Personal Touch: Every visitor is important to us. All reports undergo a review from experts followed by personal meetings, if found necessary.


Modern Pathology Lucknow’s Pathology and Diagnostic Services are listed as below:

List of Services