Why should you get Vitamin D level testing?

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Vitamin D is essential for everyone because deficiency of Vitamin D can cause a number of illnesses such as respiratory infections, psychotic ilness such as depression or serious mental illness that further aggravates the  diabetic condition, cardiovascular disease or metabolism problems. Today, it is important to have sufficient Vitamin D in our body to boost the immune system and fight Covid-19.

To know more read the research article titled Protocol for Vitamin D Prophylaxis during COVID-19 Pandemic (14.04.2020 Vitamin D Prophylaxis during COVID-19) by Veena Shivnath, Clinical Lead Pharmacist April 2020. It is adapted from South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (written by Eromona Whiskey and Fiona Gaughran, approved by Dr Michael Holland and Professor David Taylor).

Get yourself tested for Vitamin-D at Modern Pathology Lucknow and ensure your immune system is ready to fight Covid-19 and beat it.

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